Camp Sawi



I know. This is sooooo late. I was able to watch the movie Camp Sawi only last night and I wanted  to go to Bantayan Island Cebu  immediately. Lol. I know the camp doesn’t really exist but the beauty of that place would heal any broken heart, that’s for sure (well atleast while you’re there). I wish I could go there right now, but here I am, in the middle of the congested and noisy city, busy making a living while healing a broken heart as well. Sigh.

Somehow, I have seen already each of the stories of the girls in the movie in real life. My best friend who’s been happily married for 2 years was left as a widow when her husband was shot dead. Another friend has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for more than 10 years already but he doesn’t seem to have any plans of proposing for marriage anytime soon. (Yun yung mga dapat pinapa shoot to kill eh! Joke :p ) And then another friend is in a situation where the guy who’s been pursuing her ( and apparently, she likes) is actually married and with kids. Well as for me, it’s complicated. haha.

But still believe that in God’s perfect time, all wounds would heal and we will all find our happy endings.

” Balang araw.” 🙂




Beauty & the Beast

I must admit that my childhood princesses were Cinderella & Snow White. The first books I had was their stories. But as I grew older, I have come to appreciate Belle. Probably because she is not a damsel in distress type of princess.

I must say that this generation’s version of Beauty & the Beast movie does not disappoint. Emma Watson deserve to be Belle. ( It’s just sad that kids today will remember Emma as Belle/Beauty and not Hermione Granger. Because I would always choose Hermione over Belle, anytime. Heehee )

Anyway, this movie reminded me how powerful love can be. And it made me realize that after all these time, after all the heartaches and heart breaks, I still believe in fairy tales, even to a tale as old as time. 🙂